Product Features

We offer custom content design and development solutions to help you quickly get up to speed with your LMS and deliver meaningful eLearning faster

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User management

User profiles let you see all data in one convenient page. There is a quick overview of the user’s learning progress as well as management details like the groups they are assigned in.

Rich content

Upload your SCORM eCourses, PDF or MS Office documents and make them a part of any training. Upload your video file or embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Manage the way users see them and track their usage.

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Combine users and content into trainings. Then define at what point in time the training process will occur by creating schedules. Every stage of this process is simplified for fast handling, but can be tweaked in many ways to accommodate different learning styles and specific needs.


All commands are packed into an always visible menu bar for intuitive and quick management. Fewer clicks required thanks to the auto-save of all changes. Communication with the user is better thanks to the meaningful notifications and warnings.

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Automated emailing

Set custom or template emails and have them sent automatically at any interval you need. The system takes care of the rest.


After system deployment, we offer continuous maintenance, support and upgrades within the scope of the enterprise licensing agreement. For mission critical installations, we offer priority and 24/7 support at an additional fee. Our technical team can also provide full service in running, administering, managing, and configuring your Melon Learning installation. Please contact us if you have an enquiry regarding SLA parameters and various support options.

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