ACADEMICA by AduCrate Ltd. is a vibrant start-up based in the thriving Central City District of Bulgaria. Specializing in eLearning solutions and online course development., we are committed to fostering education and knowledge transfer in organizations and individuals around the globe.

At ACADEMICA, we embody a commitment to educational excellence, focusing our expertise on developing comprehensive online courses that cater to unique learning requirements. Our innovative platform is much more than software; it's a collaborative solution that evolves alongside your needs.

We champion the belief that effective education fuels growth, productivity, and innovation. This ethos has driven us to tirelessly deliver top-tier eLearning products and services globally.

With ACADEMICA, your organization's full potential is merely an online course away. We aim to enhance the way you deliver education and eLearning content, reshaping the future of learning together. By partnering with us, you unlock a gateway to custom-made online courses designed by a team of seasoned professionals, honed to perfection for your audience.